The Valoa Story

Valoa mantra song and album has its roots in the Finnish folklore culture. It is not only about the ancient wisdom and mystical culture of the North, but also it is about the element and presence of Light and Darkness. It was said in the ancient traditions that Light comes from the North. This was believed to be true, because the polarity of the seasons and the dark winters outside created a nation willing to survive and strive with a strong inner Light.

The Finnish language can be witnessed as a nurturing lair or as a primal call of the soul, respectively inviting the listener into their own inner world. It does not need to be understood as a spoken language, rather to be felt or experienced as a voice for harmony and communion.

The music of Deepthi is an enchanting combination of her Nordic roots and time spent in India, at her spiritual home. In India she learned the power of devotional singing and mantras, and was named as Deepthi, 'Sudden Light', by her spiritual teacher and humanitarian Mother Amma. Deepthi's epic, cinematic musical world is created by Devaroop, her beloved.

For Deepthi, her music is the natural continuity of her work in female empowerment; she has worked and supported women to find their true strength and inner wisdom through her spiritual gatherings, retreats and books. Her music is the extension of over 10 years of work in the cultivation and the rise of female empowerment. Deepthi’s music is especially dedicated for women, so they are able to come together in rooted confidence and impact the environment in a positive way, with a deeper connection to Divine, themselves, each other and nature.

"My Passion...

" a sacred songstress and priestess is to create sacred, healing and meditative space where everyone are invited to connect with the Divine and their primal life force within through music, silence and compassionate love." ~Deepthi

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